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Digital User Personality Test: Raya Edition

Last updated 20 Apr 2023

Can your personality be linked to your data usage?

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Discover what kind of digital user you are this Hari Raya Puasa by doing our Digital User Personality Test: Raya Edition!

Simply tick the boxes in this checklist of the activities you do during Raya celebrations and tally your results here to find out your digital user personality and our recommended Zero1 data plans! 

Discover your digital user personality now!

  • Screenshot the image OR press and hold on the image until the “Save Image” button appears and select.
  • Head to your photo gallery, select the checklist image and use the “Edit” function to tick the boxes.
  • Add up all the data points in the boxes you ticked,
    • e.g. Balik Kampung (1 point) + Matching Family Outfits (3 points) + Family Bonding (4 points) = 8 points
  • Your digital user personality is based on your total points!

Find out your digital user personality

1 - 10 Points

You are:

Digital User

11 - 25 Points

You are:

Digital User

26 - 35 Points

You are:

Digital User

Your Digital User Personality

Classic Digital User

(1 - 10 Points)

You are a true believer that good things come in small packages, able to find joy and excitement in the simplest of things. You enjoy living in the moment and prefer engaging in hobbies outside of the realm of the internet, opting for a smaller data plan so you can stay connected to your loved ones and explore social media while keeping a lowkey profile.

Recommended Zero1 Plans

Quintessential Digital User​

(11 - 25 Points)

You know exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less, which comes with being an extremely organised person. You appreciate most predictable elements within a routine so you can plan out your life perfectly, such as getting the perfect data plan to support your everyday communication and entertainment without wasting money on unused data.

Recommended Zero1 Plans

Ultimate Digital User

(26 - 35 Points)

You’re a keen explorer, whether it’s of the great outdoors or streaming catalogues. Even when you’re not out and about, documenting every new discovery on your phone to share with the rest of the world, you’re going on fictional adventures through films, games and more. Lightning fast and unlimited data is your lifeline to all the endless excitements of the world.

Recommended Zero1 Plans

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