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Fortune Outlook for 2023 - 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 16, 24, 32

with your current mobile number by WinnerResources​

Last updated 10 Apr 2023

Overview for 2023

The owners of these numbers have a rather promising 2023, though their fortune could fall either way, so it is important to understand where their favour stands.  

They may encounter important favourable turning points that will lead to major transformations. Many of their wishes may come true as well.  

However, if the year is unfavourable, they must remain cautious, low-key and avoid taking too many financial risks. One must be diligent, frugal and pay attention to personal wealth management, especially when buying investment and wealth management products.

Potential conflict with people of Zodiac

Ox, Dog, Tiger and Snake

Career outlook

If they are starting a new job, there’s great potential to meet an important life mentor. With their advice and support, owners of these numbers would quickly gain the skills and knowledge to outperform their peers.

Unexpected promotions and salary increases are highly possible, as well as winning big prizes in important contests and receiving unexpected rewards. Civil servants or teachers are likely to perform very well at work this year.  

Despite their success, they must remain humble and keep impressing, and guard against being arrogant, reckless and complacent. When problems arise, they should remain calm and thoughtful as they would soon find the solutions. 

Relationship outlook

They could achieve their ideal relationships. Their significant others would offer constant warmth, encouragement and love, and there is a high chance of a new addition to the family. 

It is not advisable for them to be overly sentimental as they need to be realistic with the partners’ expectations. They also need to be more considerate, understanding and patient towards their partners. Those married should not put too many peach blossoms or roses in their homes to guard against ‘rotten peach blossoms (烂桃花纠缠)’ or suitors who bring romantic bad luck. 

Those who are single must steer clear of ambiguous relationships to avoid messy and emotional situations. They could potentially meet their ideal partner which could lead to marriage very quickly. If their partner happens to be born in the year of the Goat, the chances of an engagement would be likelier. 

Health outlook

For a happy and relaxed year, they must prioritise physical and mental health over materialistic concerns. It is strongly recommended for them to strengthen their bodies and mental fortitude to achieve overall wellbeing. 

Those with any pre-existing illnesses should continue with their current treatments and rehabilitation programmes as there is a high possibility of full recovery.  

They must avoid walking alone at night, visiting abandoned buildings, residential areas and cemeteries, and watch out for poor digestive and unexplained growth issues. 

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