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Connect as One: Zero1 National Day Deals

For Zero1 Classic NDP 2023, 50u One and 60u 5G Mobile Plans

Offers are valid til 31 Oct 2023

Last updated 01 Aug 2023

Onward as One with Unlimited Connectivity

Get up to 100GB for free to celebrate National Day!

Singapore celebrates its 58th birthday under the theme “Onward As One,” and there’s no better way to stay united than through unlimited connectivity! As a birthday present to the nation, we proudly present the Connect as One: Zero1 National Day Deals featuring the Classic NDP 2023, 50u One and 60u 5G plans. 

The 50u and 60u 5G also come with 1GB of data roaming to Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand so you can always be connected to loved ones back home in Singapore.

With free caller ID, incoming calls and SMS, as well as no contract, excess data charger or bill shock, celebrate 58 years of Singapore’s independence with your personal data independence now!

Connect as One: Zero1 National Day Deals

Classic NDP 2023 Plan

50GB for $5

  • 50GB to unlimited data for $5 on 3rd month (U.P.: $10/month)
  • 1st to 6th month – 50GB local data (base 12GB + add-on 38GB) 
    7th to 12th month – 22GB local data (base 12GB + add-on 10GB) 
    13th month onwards – 12GB local data
  • 200 Talktime Minutes
  • 200 Free SMS
  • Free Incoming Calls
  • Free Caller ID

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50u One Plan

50GB + Free 100GB forever

  • 150GB for $18.05/month (base 50GB + add-on 100GB forever)
  • 1GB roaming/month (Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand for 12 months)
  • 500 Talktime Minutes
  • 500 Free SMS
  • Free Incoming Calls
  • Free caller ID

60u 5G Plan

50% off 120GB 5G Data

For first 2000 new subscribers 

  • $12.60 on 3rd bill, usual price $25.20 monthly 
  • 120GB for $25.20/month (base 60GB + add-on 60GB for 12 months) 
  • 1GB roaming/month (Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand for 12 months)
  • 500 Talktime Minutes
  • 500 Free SMS
  • Free Incoming Calls
  • Free Caller ID

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Add-on details breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of how much additional data you are going to get for each of the mobile plans.

Mobile planRetail PriceMonthly
total data
Base dataAdd-on data1 GB data roaming*
monthly for 12-months
Classic$10.0950 GB – first 6 months
22 GB – next 6 months
12 GB38 GB – first 6 months
10GB – next 6 months
50u One$18.22150 GB50 GB100 GB – ForeverYes
80u$25.38130 GB80 GB50 GB – 12 monthsYes
60u 5G$25.44120 GB60 GB60 GB – 12 monthsYes
90u 5G$32.55140 GB90 GB50 GB -12 monthsYes
*The 1GB data roaming are for Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand only. Roaming services are not applicable to foreigners at the moment.

Supersize your mobile plan without extra charges!

Claim our incredible offers as part of the Zero1 family! Our National Day Deals are here to boost your data plans so you can always be connected.

For existing subscribers

Terms & Conditions

  • Connect as One: Zero1 National Day Deals promotion is available for new and port-in subscriptions for a limited time only. 
  • The add-on data for the Classic NDP 2023, 50u One and 60u 5G plans are available for the respective periods stated in their promotion details, after which your data allocation will be reverted to your respective plans’ base data. 
  • The monthly 1GB data roaming is for Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand only. This service is available free for a 12-months period, after which it will be removed. Roaming services are not available to foreigners at the moment. 
  • The promotion rate for the Classic NDP 2023 plan and 60u 5G plan will be applied in the third billing cycle after subscription. It is valid for that month only and will revert to the regular pricing thereafter. 
  • Mobile plans are subject to their respective terms & conditions. 
  • The promotion rate will be applied at Check Out if applicable. 
  • The promotion is non-transferable and not valid with other promotions, discounts or privileges. 
  • Any promotion will be void if the plan is changed or account is suspended, terminated or overdue/delinquent during the subscription period. 
  • Plan rates and bundled services are subject to change without prior notice. Other usage and value-added charges apply. 
  • No refund will be issued for termination within 1 month of activation and/or port-out. 
  • Zero1 reserves the right to reject and/or terminate the subscription without any advance notice if the subscriber’s submitted ID is invalid or the payment deduction is unsuccessful. 
  • Zero1 reserves the right to withdraw the promotion or amend the terms and conditions without prior notice. Other registration terms and conditions apply. 
  • By subscribing to the promotional plan, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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More information

Zero1 develops life solutions by making it #AllAboutYou, ensuring that you receive #OnlyTheBest of what we can offer so you may live your life with #ZeroLimits. 

Zero1 is a licensed Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that provide a number of mobile plans with unlimited data. Do check out our offerings on the Zero1 website today.

How to enjoy this promotion?

You can sign up for a new mobile number or portin an existing mobile number for one of the plans listed on this page to enjoy the Zero1 National Day Deals.

Existing users can enjoy the promotion by getting a new line under any of the plans featured.

All plans come with free incoming calls, caller ID and unlimited managed speed data when you exceed your plan’s data allocation.

Please read each plan details carefully as add-on promotion periods differ.