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Last updated 3 Jan 2024

Zero1 Z-One 4G 100GB data plan

Connectivity Enhanced with 100GB data + 3GB roaming

Be Z-One to jump into enhanced every-day connectivity! Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, so get epic boosts on your data now with the Z-One 4G Plan.

100GB for $10.09 FOREVER, FREE 3GB data roaming AND FREE 5G connectivity for the first 3 months? It’s a no-brainer!

Zero1 Z-One 4G 100GB data plan

Z-One 4G Plan

  • 100GB for $10.09/month
  • FREE 5G access (3mths)
  • FREE 3rd month bill
  • FREE 2GB roaming/month to Malaysia (12mths)
  • FREE 1GB roaming/month to Indonesia and Thailand (12mths)
  • 300 Talktime Minutes
  • 100 SMS
  • Free Incoming Calls
  • Free caller ID

Zero1 Customer Service Centre

You can also buy our mobile plans at our Zero1 Customer Service Centre. Do bring along your ID when you like to purchase the plan on-site.

Zero1 Customer Service Centre
8 Burn Road
#01-03 Trivex
Singapore 369977

(near Circle Line Tai Seng MRT Station, Exit A)

Mondays to Fridays
9:30 am to 5:30 pm
10:00 am to 5:30 pm
09:00 am to 5:30 pm

Close on Public Holidays

Terms & Conditions

  • The promotion is available for a limited time only.
  • The promotion is not applicable for Singtel, Singtel MVNOs and Singtel-brand (GOMO and Heya) port-in.
  • Data usage is capped at 100GB per month.
  • The promotion includes 5G service for the first three months. The plan will revert to 4G service thereafter. You can change the plan to Z-One 5G to continue with 5G service after the trial expires.
  • The promotion includes 2GB data roaming per month to Malaysia, and 1GB to Indonesia and Thailand collectively for 12 months. It is not applicable to foreigners at the moment.
  • Plan promotion includes free subscription for the third month. This is not applicable for CMLink, Zym or Vivify port-ins.
  • The promotion is non-transferable and not valid with other promotions, discounts or privileges.
  • The promotion will be void if the plan is changed or account is suspended, terminated or overdue/delinquent during the subscription period.
  • Plan rates and bundled services are subject to change without prior notice. Other usage and value-added charges apply.
  • No refund will be issued for termination within 1 month of activation and/or port-out.
  • Zero1 reserves the right to reject and/or terminate the subscription without any advance notice if the subscriber’s submitted ID is invalid or the payment deduction is unsuccessful.
  • Zero1 reserves the right to withdraw the promotion or amend the terms and conditions without prior notice. Other registration terms and conditions apply.
  • By subscribing to the promotional plan, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this promotion for?
The Z-One 4G Plan promotion is not applicable for Singtel and Singtel-brand (GOMO and Heya) port-in.

How do I redeem this promotion?
Simply go to this page https://zero1.sg/plans/promotions purchase the Z-One 4G Plan via the Zero1 website to redeem this promotion.

How long is this promotion valid for?
The Z-One 4G Plan promotion is valid for a limited time only.

How long can I enjoy this promotion?
Users can enjoy 100GB for $10/month + FREE 2GB/month roaming to Malaysia, and 1GB/month to Indonesia and Thailand collectively for 12 months. Promotional 5G service is only available for 3 months after subscription and will revert to 4G service thereafter.

When will the Free 3rd Month Bill promotion be applied to my bill?
Bill will be indicated as $0 for the third month’s bill after subscription. This promotion is not applicable to CMLink, Zym or Vivify port-ins.

Have some feedback for us?​

We are happy to understand if there’s something you need us to know, just message us on Facebook or send us an email at yes@zero1.sg.

More information

Zero1 develops life solutions by making it #AllAboutYou, ensuring that you receive #OnlyTheBest of what we can offer so you may live your life with #ZeroLimits. 

Zero1 is a licensed Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that provide a number of mobile plans with unlimited data. Do check out our offerings on the Zero1 website today.

How to enjoy this promotion?

Simply register for a Z-One 4G plan to enjoy 100GB of mobile data forever, with free lightning-fast 5G service on your first 3 months.

You also get to enjoy a total 3GB data roaming to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, as well as a free 3rd month bill!

You may also choose to sign up for the Z-One 5G plan which comes with 110GB of premium 5G speeds for $20.08 and 3GB of data roaming.