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How to sign up for an eRemit Singapore account

Offers are valid to 30 September 2023

Last updated 20 July 2023

Fast and secure money transfer to your family overseas

Sending support to your family back home should be simple, swift and secure. Zero1 has partnered with eRemit Singapore, a fast & secure online money transfer service backed by Merchantrade Asia Sdn. Bhd and Kliq Pte Ltd, to help you transfer money to loved ones quickly and safely from the comfort of your phone!

Get 50% off your Zero1 mobile bill

Simply make 2 eRemit transactions in 1 month to receive up to 50% off your Zero1 mobile bill (capped at $10).

  • Copy the Invite Code and use it during registration to let us know you’re a Zero1 user 
  • Use the same code for your money transfer transactions, which also waives service fees
  • Offer valid till 30 Sept 2023

Invite code: Z8521

Sign up for an eRemit Singapore accounts

1. Go to eRemit Singapore

By Android phone

  • Download the Zero1 mobile app via the Google Play Store
  • Launch the Zero1 mobile app and go to “Remittance”.
  • Select “eRemit Singapore”.

By Apple iPhone

  • Download the eRemit mobile app via the Apple App Store
  • Launch the eRemit mobile app.

2. Select "Sign Up"

3. Input your email, mobile number and invite code "Z8521"

Use this invite code so we know you’re a Zero1 user!

4. Input OTP

5. Create password, and tick the declaration and terms and conditions boxes

6. Verify email address

7. Return to eRemit Singapore mobile app and login

8. Create 4-digit passcode

9. Select "Complete Registration"

10. Select "MyInfo (SingPass) or Online eKYC

Choose your preferred method to upload personal information and documents.

Submit via MyInfo (SingPass)

Submit your details online

Steps for MyInfo (SingPass)

11. Select "Proceed" and Login to your SingPass account

12. Select "I Agree" to authorise eRemit Singapore to retrieve the following information

13. Input personal information

14. Upload proof of address

15. You will receive confirmation in 24hrs, then you're all set!

Steps for Online eKYC

11. Select ID type and take front and back pictures of your ID

12. Take a selfie

13. Input and review personal information

For FIN card holders, upload proof of salary and occupation (e.g. utility bill or letter of employment)

14. You will receive confirmation in 24hrs, then you're all set!

Terms & Conditions

  • This promotion is valid for new and existing Zero1 users for a limited time only. 
  • The e-remittance service is subject to the Terms & Conditions of eRemit Singapore. 
  • For new eRemit Singapore account registration, users must use Invite Code “Z8521”. 
  • Users must make two eRemit transactions in one month using Promo Code “Z8521” during every transaction to qualify for the 50% mobile bill rebate. 
  • The 50% bill rebate is capped at $10 per redemption. 
  • The bill rebate will be credited to users’ Zero1 accounts within the next two billing cycles. 
  • Users may redeem this promotion once per month only. 
  • Users can make multiple rebate redemptions as long as it is within the promotion period. 
  • The promotion is non-transferable and not valid with other promotions, discounts or privileges. 
  • Zero1 reserves the right to withdraw the promotion or amend the terms and conditions without prior notice. 

Still having issues?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have! Simply message us on Facebook or send us an email at yes@zero1.sg

More information

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Who is eRemit Singapore?

We have partnered with eRemit Singapore to offer Zero1 users overseas money transfer services. 

eRemit Singapore is a secure global money transfer service offered by Kliq Pte Ltd, a licensed remittance service provider in Singapore and a subsidiary of Merchantrade Sdn Bhd.

As Singapore’s premier self-service mobile remittance service, eRemit allows you to remit money overseas through major banks and cash pick-up outlets in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Myanmar
  • Malaysia
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam