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How to enroll in Zero1 CIS programme

Last updated 11 Aug 2023

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What is the Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS)?

Zero1’s Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) is an exclusive programme offered to staff of participating companies. With this scheme, employees get to enjoy exclusive deals when they register for Zero1 services as a corporate individual.

Enrolling into the Zero1 CIS programme

You may enroll for the programme through our online CIS Application Form. Alternatively, you may apply for the programme through our mobile app through the CIS icon. We will process your application within 3 working days.

Once approved, staff of participating companies are required to sign up for the exclusive mobile plans through the mobile app.

CIS Application Form

Do provide your details to us to enroll in the programme.

By submitting the form, you have agreed on the behalf of your company that you hereby give permission for Zero1 to contact yourself regarding the CIS Application. You acknowledge that this application is subjected go Zero1's approval.

Add-on details breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of how much additional data you are going to get for each of the mobile plans.

Mobile planMonthly
total data
Base dataAdd-on data
for 12-months
1 GB data roaming*
monthly for 12-months
Classic50 GB – first 6 months
22 GB – next 6 months
12 GB38GB – first 6 months
10GB – next 6 months
50u One150 GB50 GB100 GB – ForeverYes
60u 5G120 GB60 GB60 GB – 12 monthsYes

*1GB of data roaming to Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand only.

Having issues?

We are happy to help, just send us an email at cis@zero1.sg should you encounter any challenges. 

More information

Zero1 develops solutions for life by making it #AllAbout you, ensuring that you receive #OnlyTheBest that we have to offer and strive to help you live your life with #ZeroLimits.

Zero1 is a licensed Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that provide a number of mobile plans with unlimited data. Do check out our other offerings on the Zero1 website today.

What are the benefits of CIS?

Staff of participating companies are eligible for mobile plans offered at an exclusive rate.

Sign up for our mobile plans via the Zero1 mobile app by following this guide.