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Last updated 16 Feb 2023

Promotion ended

Note that we have replaced this promotion with the new Connect as One: Zero1 National Day Deals. Do visit the new page to see the latest promotion.

Boost the data for your current Zero1 mobile plan

Looking to get the FREE add-on data for your Zero1 mobile plan? We’ve got you covered! Tell us your details and we can upsize your mobile plan.

Please note that the promotion is only applicable for the following mobile plans – 90u 5G, 60u 5G, 80u, 50u and Classic.

Terms & Conditions

  • The add-on data for the Ultra Data Boost deal is available for a 12-months period, after which your data allocation will be reverted to your respective plans’ base data.
  • The monthly 1GB data roaming are for Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand only. This service is available free for a 12-months period, after which it will be removed. Roaming services are not applicable to foreigners at the moment.
  • Mobile plans are subjected to their respective terms & conditions.
  • Zero1 reserve the rights to amend the terms & conditions of the promotion, do check back on this page for the latest updates.

Ultra Data Boost data add-on details breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of how much additional data you are going to get for each of the mobile plans.

Mobile planPriceMonthly
total data
Base dataAdd-on data
for 12-months
1 GB data roaming*
monthly for 12-months
90u 5G$32.20140 GB90 GB50 GBYes
60u 5G$25.20120 GB60 GB60 GBYes
80u$25.15130 GB80 GB50 GBYes
50u$15150 GB50 GB50 GBYes
Classic$10.0022 GB12 GB12 GBNo

*The 1GB data roaming are for Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand only.

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Ultra Data Boost Promotion

This page is meant for existing Zero1 subscribers to opt-in for the Ultra Data Boost promotion. You can get add-on data for the 90u 5G, 60u 5G, 80u, 50u and Classic mobile plans. 

Do refer to the Ultra Data Boost Promotion page for more information.